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Kamloops, B.C. 6 Oct 1885 4-pg Marcus Smith Letter to his wife

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Kamloops, B.C. 6 Oct 1885 4-pg Marcus Smith Letter to his wife
Lot 69 in our auction 11th February 2023
Sir Charles Tupper Schreiber & party came by the Northern Pacific Ry to Victoria thence on their way home by the Canadian Pacific they arrived here on Saturday afternoon (3rd inst) two days before I expected them They left in half an hour and I accompanied them as far as the end of the track, about 100 miles – where they took horses and waggons to carry them over about 40 miles – the gap – to the end of the track from the east – our train waited there two hours when the Governor General and his party arrived on horseback (over the said gap) from the east – the two parties crossing each other on the way…

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Kamloops, B.C. 20 Sep 1885 Marcus Smith 4 pg letter to his wife

Van Horne will be out here soon after the track is joined from East & west – say the end of October at latest — It is remarked in the Newspapers that Tupper, Pope & Schreiber are coming out the former can have no business except as most people think to whitewash Onderdonk and look after his share of the shares –

Everybody knows the line is not finished according to specification and none believe the C.P.Rwly will accept it as it is but will ask for a large sum from the Govt to complete it –

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Kamloops, B.C. 3 Sep 1885 Marcus Smith Letter to his wife Anne

My dear Nannie
                          I wrote you hurriedly two days ago – today I have a little more time and again referring to Arthur I am very much concerned about his future prospects. He has a fine intellect but whenever I have seen him he was very quiet and apparently timid which might indicate a want of energy but as he was said to be animated on the play ground and liked his associates it might be only boyish bashfulness which would gradually wear off. But as you say he is still physically weak and listless. I fear he is much of the temperament of Adam and ill fitted to fight the battle of life – Then as to the choice of a profession can you find out if ever he has given a thought whether the legal profession will be congenial to his tastes or his health

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Kamloops, B.C. 17 May 1885 Marcus Smith letter to wife

My Dear Wife, I have been up the line for a week and on my return yesterday (saturday) evening received your letter of the 2nd instant together with a number of newspapers mostly “weekly” which were very acceptable as they give a great deal of news about the position of the troops and other details which are not telegraphed here or copied in the newspapers. The latest telegram we have had was General Middleton’s official account of the battle at Gabrielle’s crossing on saturday the 9th inst. In which he had driven the Rebels from their position with very small loss of troops – 1 killed and 6 wounded – he concludes that he expects next – day – (sunday) to clear the Rebels out of Batoche

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Kamloops, B.C. 18 Mar 1885 Marcus Smith Letter to his wife

1885.. A friend has just lent me a pamphlet published by Mr Drysdale & Co 232 James Street Montreal – The author is anonymous but I recognize the style as Kingsford’s. It will be terribly damaging to the C.P.R. Comp(y) financially because it is unanswerable as most of it is true the price is 25 cents send me a copy by book post at once I forgot to say the title is “The Canadian Pacific Railway”
The politicians will of course try to pooh pooh it – but it will tell in England and everywhere except to political partisans of Sir J.A. Mac.

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