Kamloops, B.C. 18 Mar 1885 Marcus Smith Letter to his wife
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                           Kamloops March 18th 1885

My dear Nannie

                          I have just received yours of the 4th inst going to write you a long letter next mail – two days from now) At present have but a quarter of an hour to say all is well have beautiful weather not a cloud in the sky for a week nights cool very warm in middle day expect navigation open by the end of the month – A friend has just lent me a pamphlet published by Mr Drysdale & Co 232 James Street Montreal – The author is anonymous but I recognize the style as Kingsford’s. It will be terribly damaging to the C.P.R. Comp(y) financially because it is unanswerable as most of it is true the price is 25 cents send me a copy by book post at once I forgot to say the title is

                      “The Canadian Pacific Railway”

The politicians will of course try to pooh pooh it – but it will tell in England and everywhere except to political partisans of Sir J.A. Mac.

                   Love ever

                        M. Smith

*Inscription on inner page:

Private A. G. Smith

K. Co Q.O.R.

On Active Service

     Winnipeg Transcribed as written

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