Kamloops, BC 22 Nov 1885 C.P.R. engineer Marcus Smith last letter to his wife
Mentions railway officials and driving of last spike at Port Moody, BC
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Kamloops, B.C. 22 Nov 1885 Marcus Smith Letter(s) to his wife
Lot 90 in our auction Saturday 25th February 2023

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                                   Kamloops B.C

                                            Nov. 22nd 1885

My dear Nannie

                          Your letter of the 8th inst. has just come to hand . glad to hear of Arthur’s visit . losing a game will do them good take some of the conceit out of them –

we are having very fine weather here mild as an Indian summer all the time here but raining every day on the coast – I went down to Port Moody with the Directors of the C.P.Ry when they came over to drive the “last spike

Saw Tom they were in camp with poor old tents out every day before daylight and return after dark and wet all the time with no fire to dry their clothes

As it appears Cambie is too stingy to keep an axeman to cut wood for them – only keeps two Chinaman to cook for them. It is very miserable to lie in damp blankets and put on wet clothes in the morning.

Cambie appears to be trying to curry favour with the Company by such small savings. but I suppose it is altered before this as there was like to be a general strike – There are plenty of Hotels in the village close by where they could get board as cheap or cheaper than in camp – On the return of the Directors’ train I went east with them to the first or east crossing of the Columbia River about 250 miles from this. and returned by special train

There was then two feet of snow on the level on the top of the Selkirk range – and a train just come through was detained four days .

the snow being three feet deep – This is the last train across the mountains this season ..

I took my large trunk with me to Donald (as far as I went – expecting that I would follow in a week but that is now not possible besides I have just received a telegram from Schreiber asking me to hire men to work a handcart to inspect very closely this part of the line which will take me eight or ten days I expect then to come home – first to Victoria about the 8th Dec. then by the Northern Pacific Ry to Winnipeg – where l have telegraphed my trunk to be sent to the care of Brock & Carruthers and have written Jeff – I asked them to answer my telegram but have not yet received an answer – and I leave tomorrow morning early for a week – And as the trunk was labelled for Ottawa (which I asked them to alter to Winnipeg. It may possibly have gone on before by express and will cost probably $50 or $60 – should it come I wish you to have it opened and in a small compartment of a large pocket book . you will find a pass over the C.P.Ry which you will send to me care of Jeff – I had never used it and thought it was in another pocket book –

I send herewith a wax impression of the key from which a locksmith will find one to fit it –

Love to all –

                            Yours ever

                                   M. Smith

X me addressed – Kamloops British Columbia. The whole parcel must not weigh more than 2lb 3 ounces – the cap won’t be over half that and you could perhaps put a light cloud inside it but be sure and don’t get it over weight. Chamberlain will get it sent you from the office free perhaps –

I have good warm underclothing and have ordered a pair of warm heavy boots. – will write in a few days again

                                        Yours ever

                                     Marcus Smith

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