Kamloops, BC 1 Sep 1885 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
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                           Kamloops B.C Sept.1st /88

My dear Nannie

                         On the 22nd Aug.st I returned from a trip to Eagle pass where I stayed two nights in Tom’s Camp and walked over several miles of the railway works with him – he is well an(d) has gained many pounds in weight since he went up there but is thin in the face – His work will be finished this month. and I fear there is little chance of his getting any more here but I will try to get him something to do to pay board expenses till I  am ready to come home when he will probably come with me. –

On arriving here (22nd all) I received your letter of the 10th Aug.- next day Sunday. went by steamer down Lake Kamloops thence next day by train to meet Mr Peterson who is come over to inspect the railway works built by the Govt. for the Syndicate before the latter take them over – I returned two days ago. but find your letter has somehow got mislaid I remember however you said that Arthur is not strong – and his appetite is not good – of course just at his age when he has grown so tall he cannot be expected to be strong. It will take two or three years to fill up his long lank sides – still I thought his trip to the North west on frugal fare would have given edge to his appetite and toughened him to the Cooking at the University

Young persons ought not to have their appetite affected by indifferent Cooking – The fact is all the young people in this country are overfed especially they eat too much meet

You speak of Arthur having bought something from the savings out of his pay but the word is blurred it looks like cane or canoe- if the latter it is the worst possible investment for a plaything that he could have made – I did not know that he could swim at all and no one ought to get into a canoe who is not a first rate swimmer

In all my explorations I never would allow a white man to have charge of a canoe but always Indians – a boat would have been far safer, pleasanter and better exercise. – but better than all if he had spent the money in learning to ride and manage a horse as I suggested it would have been a source of constant enjoyment when ever an opportunity occurred in after life – besides it is often absolutely necessary in business —

I don’t want the children’s spirits dampened by a full knowledge of the inevitable struggles before them – much less to realize the struggles I have had to go through – as well as most young men of those days who had to fight their own way in the world – but I wish to guard them against cultivating any extravagant tastes – of which betting on horse or boat races – Keeping ice boat – row boat, canoe or horse for private use – Look how George Street was pinched all his life and died prematurely from the necessity of working hard when he was not able for it –

Yet he had no vices but simply extravagant tastes – Let Arthur know that every time he sets foot in a canoe he risks his life in a greater degree than almost anything else he could think of doing . He should first learn to swim

                                   Yours truly

                                         M. Smith

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