Kamloops, B.C. 20 Oct 1885 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
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                        Kamloops B. Columbia

                                    Oct. 29th 1885

My dear Nannie

                          The last letter I had from you you were about starting on a visit to Mrs Hume – I hope you enjoyed your trip and found them all well. – I see by the newspapers that small pox is making terrible havoc in Montreal – I hope you have had all the children vaccinated – The Governor General and suite passed through here again a few days ago – on his way home – and we are all quiet here – I have had very little to do this month as there is a sort of interregnum – Mr. Onderdonk drawing off his forces and the tracks not being joined – and many not be for some weeks yet – the company cannot get their flank on this end to complete the work of which there is a good deal to do yet –

The weather is remarkably fine – a little frost in the mornings and bright sunshiny days – so I have tried to kill time by daily walks – as I cannot get away though there is little to do – for a telegram may come at any moment – I have not heard from Tom since he went down below but shall hear from Cambie who is down there and will return next week.

I see little paragraphs in the newspapers are cropping out relative to Onderdonk’s claims for extras &.c. while at the same time it is rumored the C.P.Ry Company are demanding two million dollars for the work not being completed according to specification – They are the nearest right of the two. I think I told you that Sir Charles Tupper Schreiber – & several others from the Intercontinental Railway had been over here it is said to endeavor to whitewash Onderdonk but they will not succeed if any proper investigation takes place.

Love to all the children

                       Yours ever

                              M. Smith

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