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Kamloops, B.C. 20 Sep 1885 Marcus Smith 4 pg letter to his wife
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                                     Kamloops B.C.

                                             Septr. 20th 1885

My dear Nannie

                          A few days ago I received yours of the 23 inst. in which you state that all the children are camped somewhere on the bank of the Ottawa and enjoying themselves You say Lettie has gained 1 ½ lbs – which is not much they aught to gain 1 lb per day if they had any natural stamina in them. —

Our long hot & dry season broke up ten days ago since which we have had a good deal of rain and I have had a fire in the office – but feel greatly invigorated with the change of temperature.

Cambie has got orders to commence the surveys on the extension of the line down to New Westminster and Coal Harbour &.c and has offered Tom a place as assistant if he can get ready in time. He is still at Eagle pass and a letter was sent on to him immediately, but I am going up myself tomorrow to hurry him up, as he is apt to be dilatory – It will only be for two or three months – say $300 and board which is worth looking for at this time of the year when most work is closing up –

Besides it will place him near the property he bought and has paid up in full ($1500) – and he may have a chance to sell some of it – and it will also give me a motive for asking a free pass on the railway home as he will now be working for the Company –

Van Horne will be out here soon after the track is joined from East & west – say the end of October at latest — It is remarked in the Newspapers that Tupper, Pope & Schreiber are coming out the former can have no business except as most people think to whitewash Onderdonk and look after his share of the shares –

Everybody knows the line is not finished according to specification and none believe the C.P.Rwly will accept it as it is but will ask for a large sum from the Govt to complete it –

This will put the Govt. in a tight place if they pay up Onderdonk in full so that they will have to re-coup the Compy in some other way – As for myself I have not the slightest hope of any favour or employment – except through their fears. But I think I may by next mail write a letter for you to show Sir John as he is the only one I can rely on.

There is little time to lose as McLeod, Jennings, Dickey & others will all be out of employment at the end of next month (Oct) as well as myself – and they are not backward in solicitations – probably Mrs. Jennings has seen Tupper’s wife before this —- I am just in time for the mail — Love to all the children

                       Yours ever

                              Marcus Smith

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