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New Canada Post stamp for Ukraine Humanitarian Relief

Brian Grant Duff, owner and operator of the All Nations Stamp and Coin shop in Vancouver, says the stamps could be difficult to find.

“It’s going to be hard to get because they only made 50,000 booklets, so 500,000 stamps, in booklets of 10 … I understand that post offices will probably get something like 100 booklets each and the first day cover is extremely limited and hard to get they only made 7000 examples.”

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Gassy Jack letter sells for $44,000 March 12th 2016

Gassy Jack Deighton talked but only a couple of letters from the founder of Gastown are known to exist. One of them went up for auction March 12 2016 and attracted a dozen bidders. When the smoke cleared, it had sold for an astounding $44,000.

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