We are active buyers of all collectables and accept consignments for our auctions.
Please contact: 604 684 4613
North America toll free:
1-877 378 454

Thinking about selling your collection or just a few pieces?

While the sale of your collection can be a sombre affair, it can be the right move if you realize you’ve gone as far with your collection as you are likely to. Sharing your material with other collectors, possibly who have been searching at length for material you possess can be very gratifying and selling a fine collection for this reason is often a matter of great personal satisfaction.

All Nations Stamp and Coin is keenly interested in collections of quality coins, stamps and bank notes. We offer fair market value, as we are usually the end users of the material and eager to fill our want lists. Collections of established, commercially viable collector material are what we are most interested in, but we will quote on practically all collections of value. To find out what the fair market value is, we recommend that you use one of the current catalogues. We have a full selection here.

All Nations Stamp and Coin has a reputation for handling the purchase of collections with discretion, honesty and dispatch. Contact us by telephone or e-mail and briefly describe your collection to one of our buyers and we will instruct you with how to proceed or refer you to others where warranted. Do we buy coin or stamp collections?

Thank you for asking! Yes, we certainly do buy!

At All Nations Stamps and Coins we have a constant requirement for collector coins and bank notes. We are generally interested in any undamaged collectibles in our field but we are most interested in buying the following kinds of merchandise:

  • Intact collections and estates
  • ICCS certified Canadian coins issued prior to 1967 in the $10 to $250 value range.
  • Individual scarce and rare coins $100-$2,500
  • World crown size and half crown size silver coins the 19th century and earlier.
  • Foreign gold coins
  • PCGS Certified MS-63 Canadian gold sovereign 1916-C
  • Quality Canadian government paper currency especially from 1937 and earlier.
  • All intact Canadian chartered bank notes in all qualities
  • World paper money of all types, especially British Commonwealth, Asia, Western Europe (no World War II or inflation issues).
  • Pre World War II British Commonwealth stamps in complete sets
  • Quality stamp collections you wish to sell by our auction
  • Canadian full gum postage lots
  • Canadian and British military service medals in singles or groups

And here are a few things we generally do not need at present. Contact us directly if you wish to know our latest requirements for items you wish to sell but are listed here:

  • Canadian Mint products issued after 1970, with exceptions.
  • Rolls of coins, regular issue Canadian small cents after 1927, regular issue Canadian five cent coins issued after 1926, nickel dollars, nickel fifty cent pieces, circulated Canadian paper currency issued in 1954 or after.
  • Large amounts of bullion
  • Sports Cards
  • World stamps issued after 1946 unless they are mint and available as postage value or have an established scarcity, unless consigning for auction.

Please contact us for further details if you have material for sale.