Kamloops, B.C. 4 Apr 1885 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
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                          Kamloops B.C

                                           April 4th 1885

My dear Nannie

                          I have not had a letter from you for more than a fortnight

Your last letter was dated March 4th. giving a lot of gossip – You mentioned a new church being purchased but you did not say whether the ritualists or the Evangelical party were going to it but I suppose the latter are the strongest and will remain or go where they like – I had some parliamentary Debates from Dr. Schultz which were a great boon as I have not much reading matter here. I have written to him thanking him for the same

A reading room has been opened here with a great many newspapers and the principal magazines. The subscription is $1.00 a month so I shall join it and it will help to pass my leisure time. but I will soon be busy enough as the weather is remarkably fine. all the snow gone and navigation open on Lake Kamloops – on the upper Shuswap lakes the ice is still strong in places but it will probably be all gone within a fortnight. There has not been a cloud in the sky for five weeks since I returned here and the nights are pleasantly cool for sleeping – April 1st was very warm almost sultry – I am now sleeping in the little room off my office very quiet – I pay a Chinaman $5.00 a month for bringing me water, making my bed and once a week sweeping out the rooms –

I pay $30.00 a month for board so that I have enough left out of the $50 to pay for washing and other petty expenses – but the board though plentiful is spoiled in cooking everything smothered in grease – So I eat very little and am not getting fat – The newspapers confirm what you said about C.P.R. Company being in a bad way financially – so I fear my $ 2000 is a myth –

I see no statement of what the Govt intend to do in the matter. — I see by the newspapers there is a disturbance and has been blood shed in the Northwest through that miserable wretch Riel – and that the volunteers are called out amongst others the “Queen’s Own”

I think you said Arthur belonged to it – but I hope he won’t be sent out – as it would lose a great deal of valuable time and expose him to danger – which we could not object to if it had not been brought about by miserable shuffling politics

They ought to have shot him years ago when they had him red handed from murder – but Sir John bribed him to go away – Will Sir John and Tupper now send their own sons to fight the savages who have been led on to rebellion by their miserable party politics –

I hear that . Jarvis the engineer who went into lumbering. &.c and get very rich is now so poor he is applying for a situation on the Island railway – Vancouver BC.

I suppose like others – he lost all by speculating

Love to all.

                          Yours ever

                               M. Smith

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