John Mackie has written an article in the Vancouver Sun covering the property documents with links to Sam Greer and now in All Nations weekly auctions (see Lot 99 Auction 1222 Saturday 10th August 2019)

Early Kitsilano property documents emerge from yard sale.  Three property transfer agreements from 1886-1890 and connected to the controversial Sam Greer were found at the bottom of a box of books.”

bw photo of Sam Greer

“On Feb. 20, 1886 Samuel Greer sold a lot to Henry Thomas Frost for $20. The document for the sale was handwritten, which may be why the sale of the same lot was drawn up a second time on a printed document on Nov. 15, 1886.

“The property was lot one in block four “in the subdivision … situated south of False Creek, on English Bay.”

That would be Kitsilano, where Greer claimed to have purchased 200 acres of land for $200 off four native people in 1884.

“They appear to have been saved from the dustbin of history,” said Grant Duff.

“A third Greer document is being auctioned off Saturday for the same property, which Frost sold to Henry John Saunders on Feb. 20, 1890 for $50. The estimate is $100, as opposed to $500 for the 1886 documents, which will be auctioned Aug. 17 and Aug. 24.

The difference in price is due to the fact Greer signed the 1886 documents, but didn’t sign the 1890 one, although he’s named on it.

Read more about Sam Greer and Kitsilano property in John Mackie’s Vancouver Sun article