4 medals with reverse side showing


4 medals with obverse heads side showing

 Boer War WW1 Medals Group named to M. Forrest Scottish Horse (4)

Lot 196 in our 1200th Auction 9th March 2019

The Scottish Horse were highly praised in the South African Boer War. 

“In November 1900 Lord Kitchener sanctioned the raising of a regiment to be known as the Scottish Horse. Lord Tullibardine soon started recruiting from Scotsmen, or men of Scottish descent, in South Africa, chiefly in Natal; and on 4th February 1901 he took the field with three squadrons. To these other squadrons were soon added. The Volunteer Service Companies of Scottish regiments furnished no less than 200 men. To these their leader gave the highest possible praise. “One hundred of them were the best body of men in every way that I saw in South Africa. This particular squadron had a reputation which extended far beyond the column with which it was trekking”.

Thank you AngloBoerWar.com https://www.angloboerwar.com/unit-information/south-african-units/469-scottish-horse

“The British Army regiment was re-constituted in 1903 as the Scottish Horse Imperial Yeomanry with headquarters in the High Street in Dunkeld.[6] It was made the county Yeomanry Regiment for Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, Elgin, Nairn and Argyll. By 1908, it had been renamed the Scottish Horse and had been expanded to two regiments (eight squadrons in total) with its headquarters at Dunkeld co-located with the Headquarters of the 1st Regiment. The regiments were trained and equipped as dragoons.”

“….on 31 October 1956, the Scottish Horse became part of a new Regiment known as the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse.[6]


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