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Lot 80, Victoria, B.C. 25 July 1873 Marcus Smith 3.5pg letter to his wife

    Victoria B.C. July 25th, 1873
My dear Annie
I received your letter written after your return home which I cannot put my hand on now- Glad to hear you are all well and that there is a chance of a house- I have just heard that a Mr. Scofield of Brockville died suddenly- is that the old man whose house you thought you might get but is it not too far out of town- only do as you think best- I am fighting against time- ordering stores and paying accounts is a terrible bore, and takes up fully half of my time- then the forms are so elaborate. I have to sign my name 5 times for each acct. besides dates- fastening and folding up- besides other writing- besides these I have had to make some formal (show) staking out at the territories- Esquimalt harbor- an acct. of which you will see in the newspapers- however I shall get through today- and go on board the Sir James Douglas this evening to start tomorrow morning at one o clock for Howe sound- then I have a walk of 80 miles through the rough woods to Anderson lake then canoeing 30 miles to Lillooet- then on horseback to Cache creek which is the end of my first journey- I hardly feel equal to it as I am weak and worried but I hope after a few days away from the worry of the office I shall revive- the weather is charming here but cool in the afternoon I wear flannel shirts all together- love and kisses to all the little ones and Aunt Tish.
Yours ever,
M. Smith