Vespasian 69-79AD Judaea Capta 2.78gm 17mm Silver Denarius

Vespasian lead the Roman conquest of Judea following the Jewish rebellion of 66 CE. He took 4 legions and his son Titus. The Jewish centers of resistance were systematically reduced until 69 CE when Vespasian went back to Rome to settle the civil war following the death of Nero. Vespasian assumed the Imperial purple and Titus continued in Judea with the siege and capture of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The sacred second Temple was destroyed. The rebellion effectively over.
Judaea Capta means “Judea conquered” and the power of Rome has prevailed.

On the reverse of this silver denarius of Vespasian a Jewish captive, personifying Judaea, sits defeated beneath the Trophy standard of Rome.

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