Savonas Ferry Lake Kamloops 24 Oct 1882 3-pg Marcus Smith letter
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                    Savona’s Ferry Lake Kamloops

                                         Oct. 24th 1882

My dear Nanny

                        I completed the upper half of my general inspection of the railway works three days ago. It was raining hard when I started and I got a very bad cold but a three days rest and most comfortable quarters has put me allright – I go down by stage this afternoon, two days and a half will reach Yale whence I go by steamboat – but shall stay there three days. This will reach Victoria on the 28th and leave on the 30th – and as I expect to leave Victoria on the 10th Dec. for home you need not write to me after the 21st Nov. and address them to C. P. R. Office Victoria. I have had a most agreeable trip so far the weather in this upper country has been charming – and I have been amongst old friends – Keefer, Hannington McLeod & Hamlin all send their regards to you – I did not see Mrs. Keefer as they live on the opposite side of the river from the road – but shall go their on the other half of my work . I lunched with Hannington. Mrs. Hannington was at Cook’s ferry on a visit and I saw her there – Stayed one night at McLeod’s Mrs. McLeod was exceedingly kind she is now in robust health getting quite broad in the shoulders and chest

The Gov. General and suite stayed there over night- up & down trip – I met them at Boston Bar about 25 miles above Yale. The Princess – sensibly – staid at home in Victoria

I saw Tom on my way up, he is looking better but still very thin the doctor at Yale who saw him soon after he came here says he thinks smoking must hurt him he is active and eats heartily and does not complain of ill health so I cannot understand why he keeps so thin – I suppose Lett is home now and Ethel hard at work – she is going to be the literary genius of the family – How is little dot getting on tell her Papa will soon be home – Love and Kisses to all.                 

                            Yours ever

                                 M Smith