1160th Auction 26th May 2018 Lot 1 sold

Queen Elizabeth’s Signature

The Guestbook and publicity photos were Lot 1 in All Nations’ 26 May auction Between 15 and 20 interested buyers bid on the guestbook, with bids coming from as far away as the Maritimes, and inquiries from across North America. A standing room only crowd gasped as the Commissioner’s guestbook opened at $4,000. and quickly rose to $9,000 as two lady collectors competed against the last standing phone bidder, also a local woman. The Commissioner was writing his memoir when he died. Auction proceeds will go towards completing and publishing the story, and other Northern causes.
Royal Visit to Canada North West Territories in 1970
“1970:  Until you have seen the North, you have not really seen Canada’” * Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with their children, Charles and Anne, visited the Canadian Northwest Territories in 1970. The Commissioner of the North West Territories’ held a dinner in their honour and this is the official guestbook. It was used again by Prince Andrew who signed in 1977. There are many other signatures inside, including the Governor General and Jean Chretien. The Queen, wearing a parka presented to her earlier that chilly July 1970 day, sat in the front pew with her husband, Prince Philip; her children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne; Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and future head of state Jean Chrétien. The service was simple and sincere. “Throughout the proceedings, a husky wandered about, receiving the occasional pat from Her Majesty and Prince Philip,” according to the Montreal Gazette.* When asked of his first impressions of what was then still called Frobisher Bay, a 21-year-old Prince Charles told the press: “It seems like the moon, really.” * * Thanks to the interesting article The Queen And The North – in uphere magazine Royal Visits to the north in 1959, 1970, 1994 and 2002. Also see Vancouver Sun article Rare Royal Family signatures up for auction in Vancouver “The dinner was thrown by the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, Stuart Hodgson. Hodgson passed away in 2015, and his family has consigned the 24-page register to the All Nations auction. The Queen signed the register Elizabeth R, and underlined her name. She may have signed Philip’s name in the register as well — photos from the visit show that his right arm was in a sling when he visited Yellowknife. “If you look at the handwriting it’s the same, so I’m assuming it’s the Queen signing for herself and Philip,” said Grant Duff.” And The Hive You can buy the Queen’s autograph at a Vancouver auction this weekend
In a radio address from Yellowknife, she supported the careful development of the North—but by the people who lived there: “It is most important to bear in mind that thoughtless meddling and ill-conceived exploitation is just as bad as wanton destruction.” –HM *