Page 76 of Gerald Wellburn’s Historic Vancouver album

December 1884 Sam Greer Kits Beach Land Claim Letter & Map

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Page 76 Sam Greer’s land claim and letter realized $24,200 in our Auction 20 May 2017.



      You Can See that I am

no Squater but Came here In good

faith Bought the rights I have

acquired and I consider that

it would be unjust to Take away

Vested Rights And give them

To any other person for Railway

or other purposes – Trusting

you will give this your Carefull

Consideration for I have reason

To believe that the Gov has

Included Me In the land set

Apart for Railway purposes

And this is a grievance which

I May be forced to call on the

Representatives of the County for

Justice and rights


I have already consulted

Eight of the Members the

Say that the will have

Justice done between me and

the Railway and that The Honble

Chief Commissioner will be   

Consulted on the grievance

Set forth I ask no favours

of the Gov or Members only

Justice only it is a duty

all members owe to the County

To protect its Settlers

Trusting To have a

Favourable Reply

I Remain your Obds

Samuel Greer