17th March 1884, a letter from Sam Greer on Granville Hotel letterhead (now with new proprietor).

Wellburn notes: “Sam Greer tells of Captain Irving who has written in respect of land titles at Kitsilano and English Bay. Greer was allowed to sell 100 choice city lots fronting on English Bay.”

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              17th (Nov) 1884

Dear Spinks,

Capt. Irving has written you Today

Respecting the Indian title the parties

Ignored Me 8 thousand was offered

last week for the Indian title

Capt. Irving and Mr Drake

will tell the matter the parties

who Duped you wanted me to

Sue you for 8 thousand Dollars

for My Share I Sepose the

place is worth a billion

I have two of the Best Backers

In the province a Dreadfull

fight will Take place Soon

I am Still In occupation

I done all the Business and

and I am Determined you Shall

Have a Equal Share with

Green McDonald or henderson

or humphres or Walls for

these is the parties you Sold yourself

To against my advise you had a true

friend In Me always Now you See The

affect Henderson had in Discouraging

You live and learn I have a Share

already Trans fared for you forward

the $500.00 Imediately Since Writing you

at Victoria I have adopted another

course by the advise of Capt Irving

who believes (Me) you to be honest

as well as my self you May been deceived

everything is in my power the were only

one of the Indians Signed the Transfare

we got the other was that is Jim Charly

had no right to Sign for him

the are four Indians In all who

owned houses and Patches

on the place I have got new

Transfares Made out In My

own Name for the other three

to Sign Then we will Talk

Business to Green + Co.   

I have had a hard time with

them at Victoria for the last week

the Cost has been heavy for

advise and other Documents

the expenses of getting the Indians

and Indian Agent I have Deposited

($100) $150 for New Transfare

advanced by Captain Irving

abought 300 expenses this last

10 day two men on the place

we will have the Deeds as Soon

as every thing is settled Send me

Some Assistance to I can See

you when Capt.Irving telegrams

Me to Victoria I will Telegram you

to Meet me there then I will leave

every thing Before you.

               Your sincear friend

                  S. Greer             

  this is Confidential

Trust no Body

I am pretty hard to heal on

Business Matters of this Kind but

honesty and upright Dealings will

Come out all Right in the long run

these parties new especially henderson

you stick up for that I am indebted

To one half of the place and I

will have it and you will have

8 eights part with McDonald

Green + Co or equal partwith

them that is already fixed

Myself and Capt.Irving and Co

Will hold the other I leave

Tomorrow with the Indian agent

to get Indians to Sign the Transfare

I was badly Anoyed when I write my

last letter to you at Victoria they said

you were a Mean Skamp I later

there I could not believe that to

I was Convinced that you were

Conscious of what you were doing

at the time no doubt you Signed

all away