New Westminster B.C. 29 Jul 1881 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
New Westminster B.C. 29 Jul 1881 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
New Westminster B.C. 29 Jul 1881 Marcus Smith letter to his wife

New Westminster B.C. 29 Jul 1881 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
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New Westminster B.C.

July 29th, 1881

My dear Nannie

                I have just come down the Fraser from Camp and as it is mail day “by steamer” which is quicker than by Stage to San Francisco I send you a few lines we had three very hot days a week ago which, as in England, brought heavy rains and cooled us down a little. We have had very heavy showers to day and my feet are wet so I must be brief and start for my headquarters in the Old Govt. House a mile and a quarter above this on the River bank. It is a very pretty place surrounded by maple trees and from the bow window is the best bedroom, commands a fine view up the river with mountains in the distance. There is a beautiful lawn but no garden and the house is in a very dilapidated condition not having been inhabited since the first year I came out here except one wing which Mr. Robson (our late surveyor)

The rooms of this wing 3 on the ground floor and 3 above I have had cleaned and the old paper washed off a good deal of the plaster is fallen off but since I have had the rooms well aired they are now habitable- one of the rooms below- the library- we use for store room one for dining room and the drawing room is shut up- The best bed room I use for office as it has drawers and cupboards for papers

Mr. Barradaille and myself each occupy one of the other bed rooms Our furniture consists of a camp bed, one chair, washstand and towel, horse for each room- we sleep on blankets- no sheets- and have an Indian cook. I find it much easier than formerly, as I can get twice a week to any point of my work by steamboat- so that I am half my time at home, at least under cover of a house- I see in the newspapers that it has been very hot in the States and I am anxious about Tom for like most overgrown boys, he is boastful and will be running about without proper protection for his head- he should have a helmet or brim cap with a flap to cover the back of his neck like the soldiers used at the Cape- I find I was rather hard on Eloise about her using small letters instead of Capitals for I find the name of a country when used as an adjective is often commenced with a small letter as French language but I always use Capitals- I am very much pleased with Arthur’s success it will give him heart to go on but more so that he is taking an active part in the games- How do you all stand the heat- I fear it will be hard on the children especially little humbug. Love and Kisses to all

Yours ever,

M. Smith