New Westminster 19 Sep 1882 3pg Marcus Smith Letter to his wife
Lot 103 in our auction Saturday 12th March 2022

                               New Westminster

                                            Sept. 19th 1882

My dear Nannie

                          I returned from my long trip two days ago and received your letter of the 21st. Aug.

I am glad to hear that all the children are well and enjoing themselves – only yourself grumpy I suppose you are still fat and unwieldy – Tom was here two days ago he is still thin but looking healthy and is getting on pretty well with his work – The Marquis of Lorne and the Princess Louise are expected here next week and the people in Victoria and New Westminster are excited and all the women more crazy than ordinary –

I hope the Vic Royal visit will not interfere with my work as I have a great deal to do before I come home. I have just had a letter from Schreiber asking me to go over all the work under contract in this Province along with Mr. Trutch a very disagreeable job at this season as the rain begins about the end of October and we may be snowed up in the Canans of the Fraser as I once was early in November and I cannot go before – we have had charming weather to this time – but it now threatens rain – in fact there were two rainy days in the beginning of the week –

It is likely I shall be home about Xmas. I am glad to learn that Tish is coming down but as I must bring Mr. Hume and perhaps his eldest granddaughter with me and Arthur where will you pack us all – I suppose you will arrange to send two of our own girls to Montreal or somewhere – so little chic is five years old – give papa’s love to her and all the others

                           Your best

                             M Smith