John A. Macdonald signed 1858 3-part Ejectment Summons
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“At the time of signing this document, Macdonald was the joint premier of the Province of Canada, and Premier of Canada West, as well as keeping, it appears, his post as Attorney General of Canada West. He also maintained a law practice throughout the 1850’s and 1860’s.

“These documents provide a deeper insight into Macdonald’s law practice and how the legal profession operated at that time. A rare piece of history.

The first, 8.5 by 7 inches, is a declaration from the process server, Adonijak [?] Fitch, that he served an Ejectment Summons, dated July thirteenth, (or possibly nineteenth), 1858.
The second is a legal letter, 8 by 6.75 inches, handwritten and signed, by John A. Macdonald about the point that the defendants’ claim involves the possession of a mortgage. The full text, written in Macdonald’s hand, says: “In the Queen’s Bench, The Trust and Loan Company of Upper Canada, plaintifs, vs Abraham C. Singleton, James Wannamaker, Margaret Singleton, and John Bowland, defendants; Take notice that the plaintiffs claim possession of the premises mentioned in the annexed writ under and by virtue of mortgage thereof to them from Abraham C. Singleton.  Yours, [two small letters unreadable] John a macdonald, Pltff Atty.” [Macdonald typically signed his name with a small a attached to a small m of macdonald.]
There is another mention of defendants, apparently in Mcdonald’s hand, at bottom left which is hard to read, but might be: “Theaberee Newell, defendants.” On the back of this paper is written, in Macdonald’s hand, “Trust [word unreadable], Vs Singleton et al [this listing of Singleton in someone else’s hand], Notice of [word unreadable], Macdonald, Macdonell, Wilkison.
The third, 12.75 by 8 inches, is the Ejectment Summons itself, with a printed title above and printed information below. The rest, describing the circumstances, is handwritten. It is dated the thirteenth of May. It is printed to be witnessed by the Chief Justice of the court in Toronto, John Beverley Robinson, but the illegible handwritten signature might or might not be his.
On the other side of the Ejectment Summons, is the printed title of the document, to be seen when folded, which is also filled in with handwritten information, none of which appears to be John A. Macdonald’s handwriting. The address of Clarence street is given for the law firm, which helps to identify Macdonald’s participation in this proceeding.

~Vendor’s notes