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Intercolonial Railway Ottawa 4 June 1873 Marcus Smith 1-page letter $25.00

Intercolonial Railway,

Office of the Chief Engineer,

Ottawa 4 June 1873.

My dear Annie,

                I am trying to get off tomorrow afternoon to Montreal if I can get at all but I have so much baggage to drag with me that I had perhaps better come down to Brockville on Friday morning and leave my luggage there and go right on by the train to Montreal- I would then have to return on Saturday arriving at Brockville after midnight and stay at the Hotel and come in on Monday morning- or I may send some of the luggage on by express–

At all events- write to me at St. Lawrence Hall Montreal and send on copy of Life Insurance Policy (not the policy itself)- If I don’t go- I can write for letter to be returned.

Yours ever,

M. Smith