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Clinton, B.C. 14 Nov 1874 2.5pg Marcus Smith letter to his wife

Clinton B.C.

Nov 14th,1874

My dear Wife

                I have just received your letter of the 11th Oct. and at the same time one from Eloise 10th– a very nice letter and she appears to be getting on well- I am glad you are all well and getting on so nicely- I am just going to Kamloops to pay off packers and it will be the end of the month ere I get to Victoria- where I have mountains of labor to get through- and it is scarcely possible that I can leave by the steamer 10th of Dec. so as to get home by Xmas but will try hard I shall have a busy winter as more work has been done here this summer than any two years before-

                I could get through easily and give a decided Report if I were Chief Engineer-but with Mr. Flemings perpetual alterations and non committals combined with the political forces in the back ground I expect to have a hard time of it– I have a good mind to give in my Report pure and simple and not submit to any alterations and let them suppress it altogether if they think fit. I am weary weary and long for rest. I have been travelling every day and many nights since I left you in May with the exception of ten days spent in Victoria and have not been in a bed less times all summer. So excuse my writing more, it is late and I am tired travelled 60 miles today in an open wagon- thermometer to zero.

Yours truly

M. Smith