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Canadian Pacific Railway Ottawa 3 Jn 1873 Marcus Smith Letter to wife

Canadian Pacific Railway

Office of the Engineer in Chief

Ottawa 3rd June 1873

My dear Nannie,

                I have been driving so hard to get through with the Govt. business that I have had no time to think of my own and now I must hurry up. First, I must have my book made up with the Merchant’s Bank Montreal showing the total amt. of acct. at present time. I ought to have taken the book down with me or sent it down to made up as they require to have it a day or two and now there is no time- I think you had better send it at once-with the enclosed letter- The only thing I am anxious about is the $1000 I deposited as I have thought on 4th May 1872. I don’t think I had the book with me which one always should have in making a deposit and get it entered at once and have some recollection of writing to you something about it. I think it was to get it entered as you passed through- If it has not been entered then we are at their mercy, but Banks are generally correct. If there were any doubt it would be best simply to write for a statement of the amt. to my credit in the savings department. At all events if it is not entered you had better enter it in pencil.

Write to me and say what you have done about and if sent when as I should leave here on Thursday at 1pm- (or Friday at latest) for Montreal and back next day- for we must leave for the West on Monday morning. You will judge from the time you get this whether there will be time to answer me by letter- if not then telegraph. But you may almost count on Friday before I leave here. You had also better write me St. Lawrence Hall Montreal and let me know what trunks &.c. I shall bring you.

Yours ever,

M. Smith