Cover from the Cariboo Gold Fields to Mrs. Robert Harkness in Iroquois, Canada West in 1864 (est. $1,500).

Lot 128 in our 1200th Auction 9th March 2019

Brian Grant Duff “It bears two rose-coloured half-penny British Columbia and Vancouver’s Island stamps, a rare issue that features the names of both colonies (and calls Vancouver Island “Vancouver’s Island,” to boot). But it also has a 10-cent U.S. stamp, because in 1864 letters were sent down the coast before journeying across the continent.

“It’s from Williams Creek (by Barkerville), came through Victoria, down the coast to San Francisco, then either went across the U.S. by Pony Express or across the southern U.S. and (down to) the Isthmus of Panama,” said Grant Duff. “And all then the way up the (east) coast to New York and then back to Canada.”

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