Victoria, B.C. 26 March 1873 Marcus Smith 4 sides letter to his wife
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Victoria Vancouver Island

 B.C. 26th March 1873

My dear Nannie

                Another mail and still no letter from you or anybody else. The last I heard of you was from Mr. Barnard when he returned home some weeks ago- I therefore don’t know what to write as I don’t know whether Tom is at school or where you are going when the year is up, as I suppose you gave notice that you would leave at the end of the first year- nor do I know where I am going I have no instructions to come home or to stay. I see by the papers that Mr. Fleming has lost his daughter Jeanie and as she was a great pet I suppose he is so much afflicted that he has not thought of answering my telegram asking him if I should come home and I dare not move without his orders as there are rumors that the govt. intend to have some more surveys made between this and July before they fix on the route and pacific terminus- I am worn out with office work late and early and the weather has been so bad- it has rained almost constantly since xmas till everything is green even the rocks are covered with green moss. I have only had two walks this year and have had a bad cold for six weeks which I cannot get rid of I think the bad water which is undrinkable has something to do with it- we are obliged to take it in our tea, soup etc. and at lunch and dinner I have to drink beer which you know never agrees with me and I have taken so much medicine that my mouth and tongue are fairly raw and I cannot drink wine but now the weather is getting fine and I must have a change even if go only to San Francisco- I want you to write a telegraph how much money you have drawn of my salary to the end of this month, if you telegraph do it in a few words and leave payment to be collected here- say for instance drawn twelve hundred- or whatever it may be without mentioning dollars- as I took some money with me I have only drawn between two and three hundred dollars of my salary and I want to draw the balance and invest it which I can do well here or at San Francisco with good interest and good security- I suppose you still get some from Dalhousie which with the $100 a month will keep you going- unless you move- has Edward ever got paid for his two months wages on the intercolonial- if not ask Fleming to get it for him I send you the papers and you have a copy of my letter to Mr. Stevenson about it you should also get paid for fire and light for the office but- that for the repairs of the house I suppose must be let go as it is-

Love and kisses to all the children.

Yours ever,

M. Smith

PS be sure to show Mr. Fleming my reply to these enclosed papers.