Victoria, B.C. 26 Dec 1872 4-page Marcus Smith Letter to his wife
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Victoria B.C. 26th Dec. 1872

My dear Nannie,

As the newspapers are so careful in chronicaling my movements I need say no more than that I have been working my way lately down the east side of Vancouver island from Seymour narrows to Esquimalt some 160 miles I have got it all done but about 30 to 40 miles at this end I get a canoe (made out of a large cedar tree) and 3 or 4 Indians and paddle down the straits where the land is level and where the country is hilly I walk over it-the canoe following along shore- The weather has been rather fine- damp but not cold snow on the mountains but none in the valleys and camping out has not been disagreeable but on Sunday evening- 22 inches a heavy storm set in I was camped near the beach and in the morning I was buried in fully 1 ½ feet of snow and was still falling fast at nine in the morning we started along shore in the canoe- there was a very heavy swell on the sea. But at eleven o’clock we reached Horseshoe bay and I took shelter in the house of a settler such nice people (English) paid off my Indians staid all day and one night there- on Tuesday morning the coasting steamer “Maude” came along and I came down here just in time for xmas which I spent very quickly but pleasantly- dinner with Mr. Watt chief commissioner officer of the CPR surveys and brother in law to hon. Peter Mitchell- I am engaged almost every other day to dine out somewhere on Saturday I dine at doctor Helmken’s son in law of Sir J.A. Douglas- on new years day with Mr. Buckley engineer of the dry docks- he and his wife are English- very nice people and such pretty children. They spent six or seven years in India- today a steamer started to bring the last of the surveying parties home from Valdes Island- the plans and profiles of all the other parties are rapidly approaching completion- a steamer starts for San Francisco tomorrow and the next one a fortnight after about 9th or 10th Jany 1873. I shall send home by the latter all those of the surveying parties who live on the east side of the rocky mountains and may possibly come myself- but I am waiting instructions from Mr.Fleming – I hear there is a block on the Northern pacific Railway on this coast- by which the mails now come- so there have been no letters lately-

I hope you all spent a pleasant xmas and that Santi Claus did not forget to come and that the children had all been so good that he filled their stockings well- I am in excellent health and have been these last two months. I hope you have now got a servant- though they all seem to have vanished not only from Canada but from everywhere else-

Yours ever,

M. Smith

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