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Victoria, B.C. 11 Oct 1872 Marcus Smith 2-page Letter to his wife. Mentions meeting up with Sandford Fleming while surveying for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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Marcus Smith – Railway pioneer – biography

Victoria B.C. 11th Oct. 1872

My dear Annie

I got here yesterday in company with Mr. Fleming & party whom I met about 70 miles this side of Tete jaune cache. -the place where I expected to meet him- but he was nearly a week before his time and I was nearly a week behind- being detained by rough country on the long journey I sketched out to you for 100 miles I had no trail not even that of an Indian but through the trackless wilderness through bush and brake swimming lakes and rivers and climbing over rocks.- Mr. Fleming as usual has rushed through like a rocket and we have come here in a fortnight from the rocky mountains to the surprise of everybody he leaves tomorrow on Sunday by steamer for San Francisco- and of course has seen very little of the work but taken away from mine- so I have to go back to the mainland- up Quesnelle lake B.C.- I leave in an hour- but will write you from the 150 miles house (400 miles from here) I fear Tom will never do any good- but let him run and see if he gets strength- as for the girls you had better teach them servants work as all the money we spend seems to be thrown away- I am quite well now rheumatism nearly gone- I fear I shall not be home till after X-mas kisses to all.

Yours ever,

M. Smith