Victoria, B.C. 11 March 1873 Marcus Smith 4 sides letter to his wife
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Victoria Vancouver B.C.

March 11th, 1873

My dear Nannie

                I suppose you don’t intend to write any more. So I need not say much- I have at last got through the accts. and everything and have telegraphed Mr. Fleming to know when I shall come home, I don’t know that he will let me come at all this Spring as the railway has to be commenced before the end of next July and somebody will have to locate a price of the railway for them to commence on-I have sent all the plans and lots of letters home to Fleming and probably the Gov. from these may be able to decide on the terminus and route of the line without me. Besides I saw by the “Globe” that the Gov. as I anticipated is getting into trouble with the contractors on the intercolonial railway- they say Fry & co. claim $750, 000 for extras and others in preparation.

I am glad I am out of it and I stand a better chance now of a good position and good pay than ever I have done since I left the Cape- but I have had hard work this last summer and poor living and feel getting old so that the next move must be my last-

Don’t let Edward leave you if you can help it- there are going to be plenty of chances of making money here if the railway goes on- which depends on whether they can sell the lands in England

Our ace men last summer got $45 a month and board and I am pretty sure I could get Edward $40 and board all the year round and a much pleasanter climate than any he has yet been in in America-

But I am thinking of doing better than that for him, viz of taking up a farm for him, and another for his brother- if he likes to come and one for Tom- 320 acres can be taken up for each at $1.00 an acre- most of this would be grazing around, only a little of the bottom land to be cultivated for home use- or oats for sale- the land is like a park and cattle live out all winter without any feed but what they can pick up from the bunch grass- they increase very rapidly and I know several who have made large fortunes in a few years- and the demand is constantly increasing and will increase very rapidly when the railway works commence- It is the only thing I can see that Tom is fit for and is the best business in the country- As I have not had a letter from you of later date than 10th Dec 1872 of course I can say nothing about the children’s schooling or anything else- but my love to them all.

Yours ever,

M. Smith