Vancouver, B.C. much traveled 1945 3c Canal Zone Cover & letters
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SS Earlscourt Park

                                     Panama canal

                                            Nov. 2 1945

Dear Charlie

                      Hello Jake how are you making out? Your doing very good as a globetrotter so far anyway. Just left Vancouver about two weeks ago – outward bound for London and George Spence of Empire saide you were due into St. John in November – what are you going to do then Charlie – stick with her to Van?

         I guess you know by now they have knocked off all but one of on these canoes –

from about Oct 1st – here is another one that is finito – Will give you a little bit of chit chat about some of the fellows that were on the Nemiskam – Brownie is on here as second and is married – Martin is here as fifth. Murray – (4th Eng) is on the Wascana for Africa – so is Woytuk as Donkey. Loftus is working in the Accounting Dept Of Empire. Mike is away to the U.K. I believe on the Connaught Park. Gordie is back in Van after the West Bank Park went on the rocks off Mexico inward bound from the U.K. – Gordie as I guess you know was 2nd mate on her. Your old amigo Newton and also chips (micono) are still on old Nemiskam Capt Lilly has taken a voyage off.

             You are right about this Mackay gear it is a beautiful set up and a pleasant holiday using it after the crap that Marconi stamps his name on.

                      This is strictly a dry ship our skipper – a China Coaster man – Capt Trail – is an efficiency man with a poor name but so far I have found him not too bad (touch wood) We expect to be back in Van in about the end of Feb. – of January I mean. I had a little bad luck or I would have been on the Nemiskam yet – just all set to sail from Port Alberni when having an intense pain in my stomach I went to the sawbones and he told me to get off the ship and get my appendix out – it certainly made a hell of a difference in the way I feel. Oh say – remember little shorty the second cook? (Frank Bingly) – he has gone back to Vera Cruz and married his senorita – Vince is in Mexico City – that is one spot I am going back to believe me.

             And now Charlie I will be saying Au revoir and if you don’t come back to Van, perhaps I will see you in Toronto next summer if you are around that way. Say I was just laffing the other day about you pounding that old Mexican on the ass with your cane when he was in your way when you went to board the train as it pulled out of that way station – was telling Brownie

                        So long Jake –


P.S. Hm! I caught that little dig about the “luxury watch” -hm!