Simi interviews Brian who talks of the upcoming sale of a 12d Black and of his early collecting days. 

The passion for the stamp!
Mornings with Simi

Simi’s interview was prompted by the sale last week of a 12d Black at the Sparks auction in Ottowa. It hammered $292,500. Sparks auctions suggested that the stamp had been acquired by the same buyer as the 2017 similar example sister stamp at $327,000.
The interview starts at 30 seconds after the advert.

See the stamp on Sparks auction listing:

This is the bottom stamp of the Charles Lathrop Pack vertical pair sold as lot 26 on Dec. 6, 1944 by Harmer Rooke in New York;
Robert Lyman, who apparently bought the pair at a Mar. 11, 1959 Robert Siegel sale in New York, and who then cut the pair into two singles;
Andrew Holtz, who bought it from a client of the above ca. 1986, and whose name appears on one of the accompanying certificates;
Arnold Nyman, who bought it from Holtz at a stamp show in Helsinki, Finland in 1987;
Saskatoon Stamp Centre, who bought it at a David Feldman auction in 2008;
Current owner, who bought it from above in same year.