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Large Queen Soldiers Cover from J.B. Hale who was awarded the Canadian Service Medal for fighting Fenian raiders. One of only five Large Queen Soldier’s letters known, of which three are franked with two cent stamps. Backstamp is provenance Erik F. Hurt,

Lot 27, Quebec, C.E. #24 29 Apr 1869 2c Rifle Brigade Transatlantic Cover,
E.F.H. Harpenden backstamp is provenance Erik F. Hurt

Dry Close,



28 Dec 1950

My dear Philip

As usual I am late for Christmas, but this may reach by the New Year.

            It is a bit difficult to offer anything to the winner of a silver/at medal in London but where I sold my Canadians early this year I retained one cover which I kept for you.

It is nothing much to look at but I don’t suppose you have got a similar one as only very few are on record. It is as you will see a soldier’s letter to this country franked by a 2 cent large head Canadian stamp. The correct franking for a soldier’s letter.

            I am not going to tell you what the Rifle Brigade were doing in Canada in 1869. You probably know but if not it will be fun for you to find out: A nice holiday task for you!

            I hope you had a good Christmas. I didn’t as I have had an awful wet cold in my head have not been outside the house for 3 days. It is very cold with ice on the roads and now in the hills.

Please remember me to your Father Mother whom I hope are well

Very sincerely yours

J.R. Wauser