Canada Post are to re-issue 2011 Sunflower post as a fund-raiser for Ukraine!
19th May 2022 post 

Global News featured Arran Stephens and his work ‘Madonna in Sunflowers’
(There’s a 15 second advertising clip first)
B.C. artist offers painting to be featured on proposed stamp to benefit Ukraine
A campaign to get a Canada Post stamp to benefit humanitarian efforts in Ukraine is picking up steam. Vancouver artist Arran Stephens has offered his work ‘Madonna in Sunflowers’ to grace the stamp
Posted May 17 2022 02:34pm

Arran Stephens has also joined our petition and is offering his Madonna of Sunflowers image for use on a Canada Post Ukrainian refugee relief semipostal stamp.

Ukrainian Refugees.
Brian has started a petition for Canada Post to issue a Stamp in aid of Ukrainian Refugees. The USA has used these semipostal Stamps many times, with a phenomenal fund-raising response (for example the hugely successful breast cancer stamps).

Stamps to help Refugees.

There are so many good reasons for Canada Post to issue a semipostal. Not least the sums of money that can be easily raised for Ukrainian Refugees.

  • Ukraine has historic ties to Canada.
  • Canada is the first country to recognize independent Ukraine.
  • Canada has invited unlimited Ukrainian refugees.
  • Ukraine is asking Universal Postal Union members for support.
  • The United States Postal Service recently reinstituted semipostals for charitable purposes and sold over a billion Breast Cancer semipostals.
  • Ukraine sold out a million Russian warship stamps.Canadians want to help.
  • The post offices can serve people who may not be able to donate online.
  • The United Nations is issuing a stamp in conjunction with World Humanitarian Day in August.O
  • ther countries have already issued Ukraine support stamps and are raising money for refugees and orphans.
  • It is a chance for Canada Post to show global leadership and give Canadians another opportunity to voluntarily support Ukrainian refugees who are coming here anyway.

Helping: We’ve reached 1,500 signatures already! Please help us reach 2,0000
The petition is here:

Brian was on Global News TV Sunday May 30th 2022 talking about the Petition for Canada Post to introduce a semipostal stamp for Canadian Refugee Relief

See Brian on Global News here. There is 15 second advertising clip first.

Sunflower – The national flower of Ukraine

News Media: An article by Simon Little and John Streit appeared on Global News Petition calls for Canada Post to print a Ukraine relief charity stamp

Update: Canada Post have replied to Global News:

“Thank you for your enquiry. You can use the following for your story:

Like millions of Canadians, Canada Post is monitoring the devastating situation in Ukraine. Our hearts are with the millions of people fleeing their homes, getting separated from their loved ones, or losing friends and family members in this unjustifiable invasion. The brutal violence against Ukrainian people is shocking, senseless and heartbreaking.

Canada Post is in the process of determining how the National Stamp Program can help to recognize this devastating situation while potentially raising much-needed funds.

Under normal circumstances, creating, producing and distributing a new stamp is a lengthy process. However, we are looking at ways to fast track our process given the urgency of the situation.

We will provide more information when we are in a better position to make an announcement.

Valérie Chartrand
Media Relations
Canada Post