Memories from 40 years in the stamp and coin business
by Brian Grant Duff
(Part 6) 1989: Return to Vancouver

Macdonald’s invited me to their Toronto headquarters to discuss commemorative covers from the 1988 Soviet-Canadian Polar Bridge Expedition with a Russian delegation. It was an important meeting as Macdonald’s was expanding into Russia at the time. I was paid in Big Mac and Taxi passes.

I attended the B.N.A.P.S. convention in Hamilton promoting Eaton and Sons’ auctions.

At young ages, my employers had reached the heights of their profession. Dan wanted to move to Arizona and start a family, leaving Fred and I to carry on the auctions.

The brothers asked me if I wanted to buy the auction or retail business. I chose the retail business. I guess I played Junior Executive and Monopoly too much as a child.

Brian Grant Duff is celebrating his 40th anniversary of serving the collecting community in Vancouver and around the world.

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