Palace Hotel SFR 10 Apr 1883 5pg Marcus Smith letter to wife
Lot 82 in our auction Saturday 23rd April 2022

                  Palace Hotel,

                        San Francisco April 10th 1883

My dear Nanny,

                         I arrived last friday had a very pleasant trip – no snow any where after crossing the Detroit River – except on the mountain peaks but the first sign of civilization I saw was on the morning of the last day of my journey – I woke up at 4.30 a.m – we had passed the summit of the Sierra Nevada – the day was just breaking – and looking out of my window – I saw the first verdure of Spring dotted with buttercups, red clover, and various flowers glistening in the dew of the morning and the Californian trees are most beautiful and grow in clumps and groves mixed with shrubs giving the whole slope a park like look –

I met with some very intelligent gentlemen going to Portland Oregon to which state there is a very large emigration – From them I learned that the Portland Steamboat Company had changed the day of sailing and would leave just one hour before our arrival – Consequently there was nothing for it but to wait for the direct steamer to Victoria which leaves today at 2 pm – This delay has not caused me much hardship, as I have most luxurious quarters here and the living is a continental banquet we have green peas (fresh) asparagus and other vegetables – with – strawberries oranges &.c in fine condition The charge is only $4.00 a day with bathroom or $3.00 without the latter, and we get our washing done in one day.

I have tried hard to find out grandma’s sister, but their name is not in the directory so that they dont occupy any house in this city and if living here must be with one of their children –

I found in the Directory – one man exactly of the same name – went to the house – but it was not the same family – I also found a Frederick. J. Wilson – actuary of the “Union Insurance Company” but he could tell nothing about Frederick Arthur Wilson or any of his family – but he sent me to the secretary of The St. George’s society who however knew nothing about them – In a word I have not been able to find any trace of them whatever – I expected as much from them – Why did not the person who told Mr. Elliott about having seen them lately give their address. The only way is for Mr. Hume to write to Mr Elliott and get all the information he can  from him if this is – definite enough – Then Mr Hume can write to Mr Wilson and also send me the address. Mrs. McMullen was very much pleased with the picture Eloise sent her. I dined with them on Sunday – her house is small but papered and furnished with exquisite taste – I find that the taste in upholstery – chairs, sofas &.c – is not now for satin or other shiny surface – but dark worsted looking  stuff, picked out with gold silk &.c been this in mind and have a good look at other furniture before you buy that in Montreal – If you buy a carpet for the drawing room at all. I think you had better get the best as it will not be cut up much and would do for another room – with a little eking out by oilcloth (or the new name for it ) at the sides –

I suppose it will depend upon the home being – done up nicely- You will in any event want a new dining room carpet –

Love to all –

                                Yours ever

                                M. Smith