Australian Broadsheet for Barque Orestes to Vancouver’s Island 1858 realized $10,000

Lot 80 in our Auction A1188 8th December 2018

Broadsheet Orestes to Vancouver's Island

A “broadsheet” poster for a ship sailing for the B.C. goldfields in August 1858. The poster declared the “Fast-Sailing Barque Orestes” was the “pioneer line to the new gold regions” on “Vancouver’s Island.” “The great discovery of gold on Frazer’s and Thompson Rivers rivals California in its palmist days,” it stated. “Miners are getting from 8 dollars to 100 dollars per day by surface washing.”

Barque Orestes to Vancouver's Island

Brian Grant Duff with poster for Orestes

Brian Grant Duff holds up a unique ‘broadsheet’ from 1858 advertising a ship travelling from Australia to the ‘new gold region’ on ‘Vancouver’s Island.’ FRANCIS GEORGIAN / PNG

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1858 Fraser River Gold Rush