The Sam Greer 1884 handdrawn map and landclaim letter to what became Vancouver’s Kitsilano Beach is one of the highlights of the Gerald Wellburn historic Vancouver collection. Lot 117. Realized $33,000

page 1 handwritten letter

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page 3 handwritten letter

hand drawn map and notes

sketch map on wellburn page

                                                                                    Granville 15th Dec 1884


To the Hon W Smithe Chief Commissioner Land Works,

    Honble. Sir,

I beg to inform you that In the month of June 1884 I bought

all the Right Title and Interest through Mr. Mc tiernan Indian Agent

Belonging To four Indians Known as the Indian Settlement Near

falce Creek the Improvements on the Settlement Constists of Seven

houses Orchards fencing Cultivation abought 20 acres have

expended abought Two thousand Dollars In Improving

and Clearing the place. those Indians were in possessary

and Continuous Occupation from the time of Crown Colony

To the present time. In Addition to this 160 acres was prempted

and applied for to you by J.M. Spinks In equal partnership

with Myself your Official Answer was that the land would

Soon be open for premption and purchase but was of other

Value at present. I have the first application to the local Gov

when Port Moody was the Declared terminus of the Pacific

Railway I have Improved this land In good faith believing

It to Myne   

the following is My Clame to this land in question

first) that I bought the land and Improvements from British Subjects

        being In Possessory and Continued Occupation for 20 years and

        under the protection of the Dominion of Canada and Disposed

        of through there Agent.

Second) that accordant to the land act No other person Can prempt or

            occupy a Indian Settlement by Lease or other Incumberances

            without first making provision and other Renumerations for the

             that privilage  

3)         that should the fee Simple remain Vested In the Crown they

           have No Disposing Power over the land, without first

           Respecting My first rights No other person have equal rights

4)        that the land In question is well adapted for farming purposes

          being of first Class quality I am no speculator

           In order you May fully understand the position and

           Nature of Improvements I give you a Sketch on Back

                       S  Greer

Indian Improvements and names of Indians

Sign Indian Charly

       Mrs. Salpcan