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Ottawa 30 January 1875 Marcus Smith letter to his wife about Sandford Fleming

Ottawa Jan. 30th, 1875

My dear Annie

                We have got into our new office at last after wasting much time which I shall have to make up someway, and am glad to stay over here tomorrow so as to get to work early on Monday morning: for there will be time lost again next week, as Parliament is to be opened on the fourth Feb (Thursday next) and the Gov. General is going to hold a drawing room in Senate house at nine o’clock the same evening- this will be a good opportunity of putting in an appearance without having to drive out to Rideau hall and I think I must go, and should like very well if you could come up with the children on Thursday morning and go with me- It is a full dress affair -dress should not be black but anything else would do, it is only for five minutes to walk past and bow.

What has become of Mr. Grant, get what money you want from him and I will pay him when he comes up- I have $100, and can get more a cheque when Fleming comes home, he is expected his evening- write me beforehand if you are coming up-

Yours ever

M. Smith

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