Previously unknown to Unitrade #1855g 2001 47c NHL All Stars sheet missing two colours brought $6,600 in All Nations’ 17 June online auction #1413
Eight bidders competed to acquire the newly rediscovered sheet that Darnell lists for $15,000. There is no buyer’s premium and there no credit card surcharges in All Nations’weekly sales.

A 2001 47c NHL All Stars sheet missing two colours has surfaced after 22 years and is being offered without reserve in All Nations’ 17 June 130pm online auction.

The Unitrade Catalogue only lists a damaged strip of three, missing blue at $8,000. Darnell EFOs Catalogue, published in 2005, does illustrate and price all six stamps from the sheet at $2500 each. Presumably Darnell had a sheet to get images from. The rediscovered sheet being auctioned is missing the orange and blue colours. A quick check with Canada’s other leading stamp dealers confirmed that neither they nor Unitrade editor Robin Harris had ever seen this error sheet before.

A longtime Canada Post outlet worker confirmed that the post office recalled these sheets looking for this error.

The missing colour commemorative sheet was purchased as a gift in 2001, but the buyer noticed the error and retained the sheet in perfect condition.

Lot 76 Canada #1885g VFNH 2001 47c Missing two colours Sheet $15,000. in our auction on Saturday 17th June 2023

Brian talks through the detail:

Estimated at $5,000, the dual missing colour sheet is lot 76 in All Nations’ 1413th weekly online auction. There is no buyer’s premium and there are no credit card or PayPal fees in All Nations’ sales.

For more information please contact auctioneer Brian Grant Duff at (604) 684 4613 collect at

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