New Westminster, B.C. 9 Jl 1882 4-pg Marcus Smith letter to wife
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New Westminster B.C.

July 9th, 1882

My dear Nannie

            I received your letter of the 21st two days and am very glad you are improved in health and that you are all enjoying yourselves- I suppose Arthur was working hard and anxious about the examination I hope he has come out all right- You say you have only received one letter from me since I came to New Westminster I wrote by every- San Francisco steamer (three times a month) but one I think- But I- am excessively busy, on account of the floods- they had to bring the Chinamen down in my division I have some 3000 of them now and as the most of them never saw any railway work before and half the foremen in the same predicament it gives us a great deal of trouble to keep them straight and I am short of assistants even those I have know very little and care less about the work. Tom is getting on very well he is along with the assistant Hill superintending the construction of the wharf at the Port Moody terminus- a big job- over a thousand feet long, and 150 feet wide- will have about 3000 piles in it some of them up 5 feet long, I am glad you called at Burn Brae and to read your account of the family. Miss Hume looks very well in her photograph steady and sensible- If Johnnie wants to learn Engineering it is a pity- he could not get on now under the Govt-  he would learn to do work better than under a Yankee syndicate or company. Mr. McKenzie Bowel ought to be able to get him appointed we want two more- Rodmen or pupils out here but the Govt. object to the expense of sending juniors out on account of the cash though a well educated boy like that would soon be worth all the additional cash as none here are properly educated, write to Mr. Hume about it, and I shall write also describing what is wanted- it is really a pupil but called Rodman. the latter the thing to ask for-

It would do Eloise good to go out there for a month or more- we have had generally fine weather but changeable as to temperature- I am going to have two or three of the rooms papered- and have got a lot of matting to lay on the floors against the cold days or evenings in the fall- I shall have the rooms done nicely as I think one of the girls must come out to keep house for me next Summer

Love to all.

Yours ever

M. Smith