New Westminster, B.C. 8 May 1883 Marcus Smith letter to his wife Anne
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                          New Westminster

                                       May 8th 1883

My dear Nannie

                      So many passengers are coming from San Francisco to Victoria and Puget sound that the steamers have to run weekly to carry them and still many are left behind. They leave San Francisco on Friday and Victoria on saturday so that Thursday will be your day for writing during the summer

I am writing two days too soon as I am going up to Harrison River with Tom tomorrow morning who has now got his promotion for which however I had to telegraph Mr. Schreiber as the contractors are going to put 1000 men on there and I had no one to send but Tom – I thought it had all been arranged in Ottawa and before I left as the Minister congratulated me on his prospects before I left. But Trutch – who is pompous and fond of showing his authority – I believe kept it back as well as other promotions He wrote to me that if I wished it he would submit Tom’s name for promotion – wishing it to appear as if it came through him. I wrote to him that it was too late now to submit any one’s name. I must have a man at once – so I telegraphed to Schreiber and had a satisfactory answer next day –

Every one says they had most charming summer weather here all the  month of March April rather cold and rainy, and I got a good soaking one day in a canoe for several hours – result a bad cold from which I am now recovering – and the weather is again charming – I suppose you are getting rid of the snow at last and suppose there have been great floods.

I hear little news but there is a rumour that Sir Charles Tupper has been sick – that he wished to withdraw his resignation which Sir John refused, and that there is a general now in the Ministerial Camp –

How is the Princess getting on I don’t hear of any balls?

I believe they are going to get the Vancouver Island Railway at last I had several conversations with Mr. Dunsmuir who is likely to take it up and I may possibly have something to do with it – but would not take anything unless it were good enough to warrant you all coming out here as I am heartily tired of living alone – perhaps I might do better in Ottawa, but the climate is a good attraction here -.       Love to all

                                          Yours ever

                                         M. Smith