New Westminster, B.C. 8 Jun 1883 Marcus Smith Letter to wife Anne
Lot 86 in our auction Saturday 21st May 2022

                        New Westminster B.C.

                                       June 8th 1883

My dear Nannie

                          I have your letter of May 22nd and am glad you are all well and enjoying yourselves. You say Eloise and baby are getting ready to go to the farm. I suppose you mean Mr Hume’s. In a previous letter you talked about looking for a cottage at Aylmer – a hot dusty place without shade trees – as well as I remember – go some where where you can get really a change of air – I think you are right in not spending much in furniture or anything else in the house at present. From the plan of the house it is convenient for a small quiet family, but no furnishing would ever make it satisfactory – for all the rooms except the drawing room are passages and the little less dining room could never be made fit to take a stranger into or give a decent dinner party —- You might a nice two ply carpet for it and for any of the bed rooms that want it and I suppose you must have a stair carpet. ——-

I am also on the economical turn and have saved 75 cents towards Lefty’s ring – Tom is placed in charge of his section a pretty rough one and as the contractors without any notice threw some 1500 Chinamen on it I went and helped him for a week – worked hard and got schorched with the sun and thoroughly used up, my field days are over – Tom can work well but gets behind through dilatoriness in the mornings.

The contractors are making a big splutter but have no system and the concern will be a failure financially I fear – Unless they do better I hope I may not come back next year – as I have had enough of vexation through people taking work too low and then not being able to do it even as cheap as others – thus preventing others getting a good living and bringing misery to themselves.

Weather has been fine and dry but now we have had two days rain and it is getting warm mosquitoes appearing – Love to all –

                             Yours ever

                               M. Smith