New Westminster, B.C. 6 Nov 1883 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
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                            New Westminster B.C

                                     Nov. 6th 1883

My dear Nannie

                          Two days ago I received your long letter of the 16th inst. and as Tom was down he had the chance of reading it at once – You have had great times with your boy It is a comfort to think that the boys at least are likely to do something that will cause them to be respected – if the girls are useless. – I am very glad of Arthur’s success – and his entering the University under such good auspices and that he has achieved this success without overwork. If we are spared to see him through and he gets a degree he will have a fair chance of earning a living somehow, if not by law probably by teaching or writing – but the law is what most developes the intellect –

We are now having a good deal of wet weather I was over half the line a week ago but had to come home without going over the other half being delayed by rain – Tom was still in camp but this week has gone into Harrison River station which is at one end of his work and is 15 miles from the other end which he has to walk or reach by canoe.

But by the end of the year the rails will be laid over at least a part of it and he will then travel by hand car, with which they can travel easily 8 miles an hour – I am very busy trying to get things in order before I leave and should like to stay here till about the 5th December and get home about the 15th to 20th –

I suppose the girls are grinding away at something to very little purpose I fear – except Ethel I think she may excel in something useful as for Clarisse she is too precious & impertinent I don’t know what she will turn out. Love and kisses to them all –

                          Yours ever

                            M. Smith