New Westminster, B.C. 5 Jul 1883 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
Lot 87 in our auction Saturday 4th June 2022

                       New Westminster B.C.

                                    July 5th 1883

My dear Nannie

                          Two days ago I came down from Tom’s camp where for the third time I have had a hard week’s work helping him to measure up the work for the monthly certificate. He works hard and knows the use of the instruments well enough but he is apt to dally and stare at other things and get left behind. However after seeing how hard I had to work for three days on the line and all sunday and up till 1 p.m. on monday to get the quantities ready he is beginning to realize the value of time and if an hour is lost how difficult it is to make it up – I must say however that a large crowd of labourers (over 1500) were suddenly thrown on his section, within a few days after he went there and before he had time to prepare the work properly for them. However one third of those have now gone, there being no room for them to work and another third will go by the end of the month, after which I think Tom will be able to keep his work up –

For a month past the weather has been clear and bright like that at the Cape very hot during the day and cool at nights, so that there have been hardly any mosquitoes but the crops will soon begin to suffer and there is no sign of rain – I am burnt as brown as a berry and my first trips on the line I felt very weak and got nearly used up – On the last trip I felt better but shall be very hard worked up to the end of September.

I am waiting to learn how Arthur came out at the examination I hope well enough not to discourage him but shall not be disappointed if he does not succeed so well as on former examinations – so many injure their health and intellect by overstraining on so many subjects – I suppose Eloise and baby will be off to Burn brae  before this and I hope to hear of you all going to the seaside somewhere by The Intercolonial Ry. Mr Borradaille says that there is a place called Parrsborough on Pigeon island Nova Scotia where many families go – not a gay place but good bathing and nice people – I hope you have got tickets from Mr. Schreiber before he left for B. Columbia.

Love to all.

                         Yours ever

                          M. Smith