New Westminster, B.C. 29 Jul 1883 Marcus Smith letter to his wife
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                        New Westminster B.C

                               July 29th 1883

My dear Nannie

                         I received your letter of the 11th only two days ago – The steamers run every 5 days now from San Francisco and will do so for some time yet so a boat left the day before your letter arrived there. The time is being changed so often that one does not know when to write. However within two months the Northern Pacific Rwy will be opened throughout when there will be a mail every day to Puget Sound and thrice a week to Victoria —-

It does not seem to be your intention to take advantage of a free pass on the Intercolonial Railway to get to the seaside You may not have the chance another year as I feel very weary of this life alone from year to year and would not come out again next year if there were any other chance of getting a living  — but there are none in the “Dominion” for honest men. — The weather continues dry and hot — no rain except a few light showers since February. the country is all burnt into fine dust and the air filled with smoke of burning forrests which has a depressing effect on the health — Mr Onderdonk came down a few days ago not feeling well — I went over with him to Victoria we had not been an hour on salt water before we felt invigorated by the sea breeze and by 1 p.m felt ravenously hungry and ate a huge dinner

  It has been hot in Victoria – for it – but never above 83° in the shade and all the people looking so healthy and rosy I was only a day and a half there and felt ten years younger nothing like the sea breeze it acts like magic — I could not help contrasting the rosy cheeks and lively steps of the girls in Victoria with those of our own and others’ in Ottawa – I wish I could get hold of that Island Railway for us all to spend a few years of our life there for the sake of the girls and yourself —-

   I saw Miss Helmckin – Lillian’s school mate just returned from England as fresh as a Rose and Sir James Douglas’s youngest daughter (who was married to our Mr.D. Harris) who has two children — also all my old friends – I feel so much at home there — while here in New Westminster I know no one not care to do —

  I have not seen Tom for a month but Brophy has been at his camp twice – he is well and hard at work —-

  I see by the newspapers that Schreiber’s party arrived in Victoria yesterday – so I shall be busy with him for a week or ten days Love to all

                              Yours ever

                                M. Smith Transcribed as written

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