New Westminster, B.C. 27 Oct 1884 4-pg Marcus Smith letter to wife
Lot 92 in our auction Saturday 11th June 2022

                         New Westminster B.C.

                                  Oct – 27th 1884 –

My dear Nannie

                          I waited for a letter from you which I have just received it is dated the 16th inst I am glad you have got home and that all our friends in Toronto – and our own children are well – You don’t seem to realize the full import of this last move – I am removed altogether from the work which I have had in charge since 1881 viz Between Port Moody & Emorry 86 miles – no doubt at Onderdonk’s request – Brophy as far as we know will carry out the work but he has had no instructions – all the other assistants are dismissed but Tom and he expects (from rumour-) to be also dismissed at the end of the year yet there is not a mile of the line actually finished – and not more than a number of short patches here and there – altogether about 30 miles well advanced – The contractors are working at different points all over the line so that it is impossible that less than 3 assistants can mange the work – It is the old dadse – all the assistants who have been on the work from the commencement and know it well will be dismissed – Then after a while when necessity compels new assistants who know nothing of the work will be put on – I have some hope of getting Tom on the Island (Vancouver) Railway

I am arranging Parker plans &’c to send over to Mr Trutch all that are not wanted here. Next week I go to Kamloops of course I have nothing to do but inspect the work and will therefore be relieved of much worry and anxiety – But then will soon come I fear – the next move – a reduction of my salary – in fact there is a hint already about expenses – They allow me $50.00 a month for board when in the office and travelling expenses when I am out – The former (board allowance) I fear will be struck off – and it will cost me at least $60.00 a month to live up there –

However I must wait and see how far they wish to degrade me and if they only reduce me $1000

I suppose I must bear it – I am so anxious about finishing the children’s education that it will induce me to submit to much. If we can only hold what money we have without diminution till the end of next year $1200 after that will complete Arthur’s education

Best say nothing about any reduction of salary to anyone. –

I have no winter clothes but the one best suit – which fortunately I brought with me – so I wish you to send at once the warm gray trousers I left behind to Stowe & Armstrong’s King Street Toronto. – and I have ordered  a coat and waistcoat to match. They make them better than any one here – and the freight is not so much by the Northern Pacific Rwy as it was on the other – It is very cold at Kamloops among the mountains you might get a pair of lugs put to my fur cap – have you the old ones – get it stretched and send by parcel post to x