New Westminster, B.C. 15 Oct 1883 Marcus Smith letter to wife
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                        New Westminster B.C

                                        Oct. 15th 1883

My dear Nannie

                          I have received yours of the 28th Sept. and am at last beginning to understand something about what is to be done with Arthur – in former letters you said it was in the newspapers that he had got a fourth prize – later it was supposed he was the first boy in the school – I thought he had done with the school and was now going to attend the University courses of lectures and would have to pass an annual examination there. this appears to be the case. A few days ago I met Judge Grey with other professional gentlemen they all strongly advised – a University course and_ if _as is likely _ at the end of 3 years he will get the degree of B.A. – it will enable him to practice as a barrister in any part of the Dominion and take two or three years of the five for which he would have to be articled in a law office – The judge says that at first on entering a law office he would be backward in the technical work of a lawyers office – but as he advanced he would feel the advantages of a University training in higher branches.

If we are spared we must try to put him through even if we have to pinch a little for it. I am in good health and may yet hold out for two or three years and things are looking a little brighter in the office -The contractors – by late advices – will have to be kept up to their work so that Schreiber or Trutch will have little to say in the matter – I think the Syndicate ar looking it up – and Fleming is in their employ – underhand at present.

I have borrowed an instrument for Tom temporarily – and may hire one till the Govt Instrument is repaired – so that he will probably not have to buy one for this work and afterwards he may not want it but may have to go into something else for every one thinks there will be hard times and a cessation of railway construction after a year or two – I have given him a long lecture and told him he ought to save $1000 a year out of his salary of $1200 as all his expenses are paid – and that he must afterwards make a career for himself – It is difficult to understand him he is not lazy but careless and stubborn in his own conceit – however he has got a good lesson and may now begin to realize his position – –

I may repeat that if Eloise ever intends to do more in Art than as a recreation – she must work hard at drawing which she can only get at the Art School – All she is learning now is some knowledge of using colours – I am afraid I shall not be home so soon as you expect – the contractors are doing their work so unmethodically – their men wandering about here & there – everything begun and nothing finished – and I must have the work in some order before I leave – the weather continues delightful – a good many emigrants are coming in mostly from the Northwest territories when they find it too cold –

Chamberlain telegraphed me of Goodwin’s death – it appears he never reached home but died at Montreal. I hope he has done well for the Brophys –

Tell Letty I have saved a good many cents towards her ring and no doubt she has done the same. Ethel must now be getting very learned – and Clarrise getting on but I have only had one letter from her from Burn Brae –

by the way have they ever made any enquiries of Elliot of Montreal about the Wilsons who went to San Francisco?

It appears Alice did not come to Ottawa with Eloise – perhaps she is better at home as she appears delicate – Love to all.

                               Yours ever

                                 M. Smith

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