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City News: New Canada Post fundraising stamp supporting Ukraine

Canada Stamp News article by Jesse Robitaille
Canadian semi-postal to support Ukrainians issued today

Canada Post online store

“Canada Post will be selling a brand new fundraising stamp for people looking to support Ukraine and aid humanitarian efforts.

Starting Thursday, you can head down to your local postal outlet and purchase the special stamp.

The stamp is an image of a sunflower with the words “Help for Ukraine” on it.

Brian Grant Duff, owner and operator of the All Nations Stamp and Coin shop in Vancouver, says the stamps could be difficult to find.

“It’s going to be hard to get because they only made 50,000 booklets, so 500,000 stamps, in booklets of 10 … I understand that post offices will probably get something like 100 booklets each and the first day cover is extremely limited and hard to get they only made 7000 examples.”

Duff adds, despite how hard it might be to find, it is a great way to support humanitarian efforts, and says the community has really supported the idea.

“About 1600 people signed a petition to get it done so certainly the collecting community was behind it … and Canada Post are certainly very enthusiastic about it and want it to be successful.”

“It’s a great way that people can humbly contribute to humanitarian aid and support the post office at the same time.”

Duff explained that Canada Post was very quick getting this stamp out the door and into customer’s hands.

“Normally it takes two years to take a stamp from proposal to production and they managed to do this in four months,” he said.”
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