Montreal 12th June 1871

My dear Son

                    I am just returning from a hurried visit to Ottawa I tried hard to get away one day sooner so as to come over and spend a day at Berthier, but did not succeed – and as I must be in Quebec to-morrow to leave for Dalhousie I have no time to call the boat will pass Sorrel about ten or eleven o’clock this evening and I once thought of telegraphing you to come over and meet – but as we should only be there a few minutes I thought it was not worth the trouble – as there might not be a boat crossing – besides I suppose the summer vacation will commence about the end of this month – when you will come home to Dalhousie – I have written to Mr de Gruchy asking him to write to me to tell me when the vacation commences – when I will write and send you money with directions which way to come –

I did not come up by the steamer as I had to leave Dalhousie at a day’s notice and there was no boat up that week so I had to go by road all the way to Rivière du loup thence by Railway to Ottawa – Mamma came with me as far as Rimouski where she is staying with Mr Hazelwood the District Engineer of St Lawrence District – I left our own horse (noble) and waggon at Rimouski for Mamma to drive home. she will be now on her way home and Mr Hazelwood will go part of the way with her and Mr Thompson and Mr Grant the other part –

I have just seen your Aunt Ellen and baby (Mrs Hearle) they are now come to live in Montreal also your cousin Lizzie Lynd from Hamilton – she was married last week and is come to live in Montreal – Eloise and Letty Arthur and baby were all well when we left. and Mamma was writing to you you will have got her letter before now – I am not sure whether you will come all the way by water or whether I shall meet you at Father point but shall write to you as soon as I have a letter from Mr De Gruchy – don’t let him forget to write –

                           Your affectionate


Transcribed as written

Montreal 12 June 1871 Marcus Smith letter to his son
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