Marcus Aurelius 164-180 AD 17mm 3.15gm Silver Denarius

Marcus Aurelius 164-180 AD 17mm 3.15gm Silver Denarius
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The Parthians started a war with aggression in Upper Mesopotamia and Armenia on the death of the old Emperor Antoninus Pius. The new Emperor Marcus Aurelius had his hands full with rebellions and incursions in the West, so Co-emperor Lucius Verus was assigned to deal with Parthia. 

By 163 Lucius Verus had based himself at Antioch and Marcus Statius Priscus coordinated the counterattack against the Parthians in Armenia. The Legions I Minervia, commanded by M. Claudius Fronto and V Macedonica, commanded by P. Martius Verus both campaigned successfully through 164. The Armenian capital Artaxata was taken and Armenia was reconstructed as a Roman client. 

Marcus Aurelius took the title of Armeniacus (see legend of Obverse ANTONINVS AVG ARMENIACVS) with the title Imperator II alongside Lucius Verus (see legend of Reverse P M TR P XVIII IMP II COS IIII). The coin shows Armenia seated; with her shield, vexillum, bow and quiver. She is mourning.  

The Roman offensive continued. Upper Mesopotamia was next. Then Lower. And in the end, the Parthian capitals Seleucia and Ctesiphon were taken.