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All Nations Stamp and Coin is a full service collectables shop located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We have been in business since 1949 and bring over 60 years of expertise to serving you.

Canada Victoria Stamp

All Nations has gone Upscale!

Or at least uphill. All Nations Stamp and Coin is now in the lovely Dunbar neighbourhood. The store is located at 5630 Dunbar St, just a few steps north of 41st Ave, home of the venerable Lawrence Used Books.

All Nations Stamp and Coin

There is ample free street parking and the shop is adjacent to the Dunbar bus loop, with service on the following routes: #7 Dunbar - Nanaimo Stn, #32 Dunbar Express (rush hours only), #41 Joyce Stn - UBC, #43 Joyce Stn - UBC Express, #49 Metrotown Stn - Dunbar - UBC and #480 UBC - Richmond.

Hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm and by appointment. We will continue to buy, sell and appraise all your collectables, the weekly Saturday auction will be at noon, perhaps with the addition of a coffee pot and of course the web site will bring you all the latest information. See you there!

Exclusive to All Nations

Collecting is like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you are going to get.

Richard Purdy opened his first chocolate shop, on Vancouver’s high end shopping mecca, Robson Street, in 1907. Purdy’s now has over 50 stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, often at the entrances to shopping malls. How often do collectors get to combine their love of chocolate and their love of covers?

Purdy's recently approached All Nations with an offer to buy the remaining limited supply of their 2007 Centennial Covers, which had quickly sold out at Canada Post. Order one here

Store Hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and by appointment

Methods of Payment: Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx.
Sorry, no COD's.

Phone 604-684-4613

Our Auctions are full of treasures in collectable stamps, covers, postcards, coins, tokens, bank notes, militaria, books, manuscripts, numismatica

Previously Featured

The Gerald Wellburn 1858 Fraser River Gold Rush collection on 45 pages is offered in All Nations auctions.

John Mackie has written an article in the Vancouver Sun:
"1858 There's gold in this collection of early B.C. ephemera!
Gerald Wellburn, legendary collector, put together 45 pages of letters, posters, maps and illustrations of B.C.'s gold rush period in the 1850s and 1860s."

1859 British Columbia Proclamation revoking Hudson Bay Company's trading rights, one of the highlights of The Gerald Wellburn 1858 Fraser River Gold Rush collection

1859 British Columbia Proclamation revoking Hudson Bay Company's trading rights, one of the highlights of the Gerald Wellburn Fraser River Gold Rush collection

An 1869 Wells Fargo Mixed Franked cover from the Gerald Wellburn collection sold for $2,400 in our auction 20th October 

1869 Wells Fargo Mixed Franked cover from the Gerald Wellburn collection

This cover was franked in Victoria, Vancouver Island for 5c additional postage on a prepaid 10c Wells Fargo cover. It would have gone by ship  from Victoria to San Francisco then "cover was carried in express bag on one of first transcontinental trains, Union Pacific Rail Road was completed May 1869. [This cover] center Victoria 7th June reached New York 15 days later. Arrived Liverpool via London 4th July, 27 days later". 

A postal delivery time of 27 days from Victoria, B.C.  to England was very fast in an age when 3 months and more was not unknown.  Lot 72 see A1181 realized here

Keep an eye open for Wells Fargo covers in our weekly auctions

Elizabeth II & Philip Signed 1957 Christmas Card
Lot 1 in our 13 October 2018 auction sold for $2,000

Elizabeth & Philip Signed 1947 Tuck Real Photo 6x8 Christmas Card Lot 1 in our auction 22 September 2018 and sold for $3,000.

George VI & Queen Mum 1939 Signed Real Photo Christmas Card Lot 1 auction 15 September 2018 and sold for $2,200

George VI & Queen Mum 1937 signed Princesses' Christmas Card sold for $3,500 in our 4th August 2018 auction.

Framed British Columbia 1858 / 59 proclamations that used to hang in the office Governor James Douglas realized $2,600.

1978 signed portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip. Lot 1 in our auction 28th July 2018 sold for $1,650

Canada Scott #1 framed amidst 4 large margins

All Nations brokered this extraordinary example of Canada's first stamp, one of only a handful known with any gum, for $82,500. It has been transfered from the Brigham collection to the Douglas collection.

Matthew Baillie Begbie

1870 Matthew Baillie Begbie signed Guilty Verdict on Wellburn page Realized $6,160.00 - Lot 83 in our Auction 21 July

Matthew Baillie Begbie

Governor James Douglas signed Commission to Matthew Baillie Begbie realized $3,850 in the 7 July 2018 auction

10 three-penny beavers

This strip of 10 three-penny beavers is the largest multiple known and was purchased by All Nations on behalf of a client.

Strip of 10 three-cent beavers.

Charles and Diana Royal Visit to Canada in 1983

Charles & Diana signed photograph from the 1983 Royal Tour to Newfoundland
lot 1 in our Auction Saturday 23 June sold for $2,600
See our Royal Visits to Canada page.

Charles & Diana signed photograph

Royal Visit to Canadian North in 1970

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with their children, Charles and Anne, visited the Canadian Northwest Territories in 1970. They alI signed the official Guestbook along with the Governor General, other luminaries and press. Read more about the official Guestbook and the Royal Visit of 1970

Lot 1 in All Nations' 26 May auction, the 1970 Royal Dinner signed guestbook, sold for $9,000. The Commissioner was writing his memoir when he died. Auction proceeds will go towards completing and publishing the story, and other Northern causes.

See the Vancouver Sun Queen's signature sells for $9,000 at

All Nations milestone 1150th Auction was on 17th March 2018
Documents from birth of B.C. put on auction block Vancouver Sun - John Mackie
"All Nations’ 1150th sale exceeds expectations" in Canadian Coin News and in Canadian Stamp News

See Auctioneer's Report for the 1150th Auction

Marcus Smith Canadian Pacific railway pioneer

Marcus Smith

See Marcus Smith bio

Marcus Smith letters sold for $82.50 in our 16th June 2018 auction

Philip Timms' Girls Swimming Race English Bay Vancouver Unu B&W RPPC
Timms English Bay

Real Photo postcards by Philip Timms are regularly offered in our auctions. See our ongoing Philip Timms page

All Nations 1150th milestone auction 17 March 2018

Review of the 17 March milestone 1150th auction

Featured: A proclamation from Sept. 6, 1858, from colonial B.C. Gov. James Douglas regarding the "sale of liquor to Native Indians" sold for $ 1,600 in 17 March 2018 auction.

Featured: John McLoughlin was a prominent Hudson’s Bay Co. official, in the era where HBC lands went all the way to the Oregon border. American settlers flooded into what became Oregon in the 1840s, and McLoughlin’s aid to them was so key to their survival that in 1957 the Oregon state legislature named him the “Father of Oregon". realized $1,200 in 17 March 2018 auction.

2017 Posts

Lord Stanley of Preston
Newly discovered, first time being offered at auction: A signed 1890 letter from Lord Stanley of Preston. This is the man who donated the Stanley Cup to Hockey in 1892 while he was Governer General of Canada. See the Stanley letter here. SOLD FOR $1,540. See all the 15 October auction prices realized

Brian Grant Duff of All Nations Stamp and Coin was going through an estate recently when his assistant Neil Worley noticed an unusual name on a letter: Stanley of Preston. “He pulled out the letter and said, ‘Hey Brian, I think this might be from the governor general of Canada,’” recounts Grant Duff.

Read more in John Mackie Vancouver Sun Article

Brian Grant Duff with 1890 Stanley letter  RICHARD LAM / VANCOUVER SUN

See image of HBC 1946 Token Set here

Hudson's Bay Company

Fort St. James was founded by Simon Fraser back in 1806, 37 years before Fort Victoria was established and 80 years before Vancouver was incorporated.

It was originally a North West Company trading post, but was taken over by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1821. It remained a HBC trading post until 1952, and today is a National Historic Site run by Parks Canada.

After the First World War a merchant named Norman Wesley ran a general store there. One day a First Nations man came in to trade an ancient relic — a brass Hudson’s Bay company crest that had hung on the door of one of its early trading posts.

A century later, the crest is being auctioned this Saturday by Brian Grant Duff of All Nations Stamp & Coin Sold for $7,000 in our April 30th Auction

To boldly go: Canada Post issues 50th Anniversary Star Trek stamps 5 May 2016 
Read more and see all the different Star Trek formats

Star Trek

Royal Canadian Mint celebrates 50 years of Star Trek
Star Trek

See more Star trek Coins here

"Canada Post today issued a set of seven Star Trek stamps that celebrate each of Starfleet's finest leaders, dramatically depicting them with the most cunning of the adversaries they confronted on their voyages." Read more here

Brian Grant Duff visited the new Canada Post concept store at 425 W. Georgia downtown Vancouver. He took some snaps. See > Canada Post reboots Main Vancouver Post Office for the twenty first century online shopper

George Randloph Pearkes

We are delighted to be offering the Stamp Collection of a Canadian Hero Major General George Randolph Pearkes. He won the VC in the First World War at Paschendaele and he was also the 20th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Read more about him here


Gerald Wellburn's

Historic Vancouver 1851 - 1899 collection.

Gerald Wellburn's extraordinary glimpse into Vancouver's journey from forest to city was contained in an 88-page album "historic Vancouver"

Over $187,000 was realized from pages including a letter by Gassy Jack Deighton and the Kitsilano beach claim by Sam Greer.

Gassy Jack

See the highlights here

The Gerald Wellburn collection of Historic Vancouver is an 88 page Album of postal history, postcards, notes on history, documents, drawings and diverse ephemera.

The album is a roll call of the most famous names from the history of the Burrard Inlet (later called Vancouver): Jeremiah Rogers the logger, Hugh Nelson, Sewell Moody, Captain Stamp, Gassy Jack, Governer Musgrave, Earl Granville, Arthur Herring, Edgard Dewdney, Robert Burnaby ....

.. and many more larger-than-life characters with their stories from early Vancouver.

Take a look at our Historic Vancouver page

Sam Greer and Greer's Beach

Sam Greer is one of the historical characters that come to life in the Gerald Wellburn historic Vancouver collection.

Sam Greer

Sam Greer Map

Gerald Wellburn Page 80 Sam Greer's map and claim to Kitsilano Beach
Realized $33,000 in our 1 July Canada 150 Auction

See the Page 80 documents here


Sam Greer's land claim and letter realized $24,200 in our Auction 20 May 2017.

John Mackie in the Vancouver Sun: 1884-2017 A contentious, historic map of Kitsilano up for auction

Page 75 of Wellburn's album featuring 16 February 1885 letter by Sam Greer sold for $3,960 in our 13th May auction

Page 74 of Wellburn's album featuring the 1884 letter by Sam Greer sold for $3,960 in our 6th May auction

"The Fall of 1891 is when our Family story of Greer’s Beach began.  Our Great Grandfather Sam Greer was forced off his 200 acres of land in English Bay called Greer’s Beach, known today as Kitsilano and Kit’s Beach. .. " Read more

Agnes Deans Cameron

1883 postcard from Fanny McCartney in Granville to Agnesd Deens Cameron sold for $385 in the 11 Feb auction.

Edgar Dewdney

John Mackie in Vancouver Sun > This Week in History: 1877 A glimpse into Granville townsite, when centre was 'rough'

Page 64 of Historic Vancouver has the letter contained in the Granville P.O. envelope from Page 63. It's from the surveyor of the Granville townsite "and a pretty rough one it is" he writes. The surveyor was Edgar Dewdney who later went on to become Lieutenant Governor of B.C. See the full page 64 here

Sold for $1,815 in our 4th February 2017 auction.

Granville P.O.

Page 63 of the Wellburn album has one of the earliest Granville cancels. It's dated 1877 and Henry Harvey was postmaster with the P.O. in the store at Hastings Mill Wharf. See the full document here Realized $1,210.00 in our 21 January auction.

Granveille cancel

Page 62 from the Gerald Wellburn Historic Vancouver realized $990 in our 14 January 2017 auction

Portuguese Joe

Page 58 of the Historic Vancouver album shows the 1876 arrest warrant for Gregorio Fernandes (Portuguese Joe) after his escape following the "Granville Shooting Affray"

See the full document here

Realized $825 our 3 December auction

Granville Shooting Affray, 1876

In 1876 Gregorio Fernandes, the first shopkeeper in Granville (later Vancouver) is accused of shooting and wounding. The statement is signed by Justices of the Peace including Jerry Rogers of Jericho Beach.

Read more here
Realized C$ 550 in our 9th April Auction

James Noble Brown 3 Dec 1874 Murder Indictment

Page 57 from Gerald Wellburn historic Vancouver album

James Noble Brown ".... did feloniously wilfully and of his malice aforethought, kill and murder one Jim alias Louis an Indian."

See the full document here Realized $1,210 in our 19th November 2016 auction.

Jeremiah Rogers - The Greatest Logger Of Them All

Jeremiah Rogers

The man behind the name 'Jericho" Beach
See the Wellburn Album Pages here
Realized $1,100 in our 2nd April Auction

Hauling the logs with oxen
+ Jerry Rogers and his Engine

Realized $88 in our 16 April auction

Gassy Jack Deighton

Gassy Jack signed letter in our 1050th auction on 12th March 2016 sold for $44,000

Gassy Jack autograph

See Gerald Wellburn Historic Vancouver page for a larger image

Read more in the Vancouver Sun and Metro Vancouver

Feb 2017 - Gassy Jack "ruled over the wild beginnings of city of Vancouver" in Vancouver Sun Canada 150

Gassy jack

Rundhouse RadioMartin Strong speaks with Brian Duff Grant, owner and operator of All Nations Stamps & Coins about a historic note written by Gassy Jack which recently sold for $44,000.
Listen Here

The last Gassy Jack item (Page 47) from the Gerald Wellburn historic Vancouver collection is an 1876 Gassy Jack Deighton Estate settling document (lot 76). It sold for $3,850 in our 3rd September 2016 Auction.


1876 Escape from Custody document signed Miller/Raymur

Vancouver's first shopkeeper, Gregorio Fernandez, Portuguese Joe No.2; shot a man, escaped from jail, and hid on Siwash Rock. It was 1876 and Vancouver was called Granville. The Justices of the Peace were the Burrard Inlet Sawmill managers. Jonathan Miller and Captain James Raymur

1878 Complaint On Oath signed by Jonathan Miller

1878 Complaint On Oath signed by Jonathan Miller

See the full document here sold for $550 in our 17th December auction

Read the full biography of a remarkable man Jonathan Miller - Early Vancouver Pioneer

1879 Burrard Inlet deposition of Constable Jonathan Miller

1879 indictment for cutting and wounding by a seaman,evidence by Constable Jonathan Miller.
See the full document here

Realized $1,210 in our auction Saturday 10th December

1863 Moodyville Sawmill, Burrard Inlet

Originally the "Pioneer Mill" the first sawmill on Burrard Inlet. Sewell P. Moody took over in 1864, enlarging and improving the new "S.P. Moody Burrard Inlet Mill"

19th May 1874 "We started the Mill today after having made good a faulty boiler. Tomorrow we start up full blast" Original letters realized $715 in our 23 April auction Read more

Arthur Herring's road to Burrard Inlet

Page 55 in Gerald Wellburn's historic Vancouver album is a Burrard Inlet road building contract dated June 1875 See full document here

Sold for $11,000 in our 5th November auction. A handful of leading local collectors and history buffs bid on the historic contract made out to New Westminster merchant Arthur Herring, and signed by Sheriff Jim Morrison among others. Vancouver archivist Major Matthews notes that Herring did not complete the road, which was finished by Thomas Kidd in 1876.

Herring's wife, Frances, was an early teacher and writer.

Arthur Herring is the husband of Frances Herring who becomes BC's best early writer.

Hastings P.O

In 1897 the Burrard Inlet P.O. became Hastings P.O.


Page 37 of Wellburn's Album has the only known Hastings, B.C. cancel and sold for $5,500 in our 2 July auction.

Other Delights

Rare Scrips from H.B.C. Trading Posts in Northern B.C. around 1910 from Sydney Hogkinson. They can be found in the weekly auctions for2016.

A Hudson's Bay Company document written at Fort Vancouver in 1842 has sold for $7700 The 15”x12” original document listing the Returns of the H.B.C. Columbia District 1841, and dated 1842

See article in The Columbian for more about the H.B.C. accounting document. .

And in the Vancouver Sun - West coast Trade 1842

Another interesting Lot: A One Pound Sterling and a Five Shilling promissory note from the Hudson's Bay Company York Factory at the Red River Settlement.

Archive Auctions 2015 to September 2018

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